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Physical Therapy With Bonnie Masi

Physical Therapist
Massage Therapist
p-ROSHI in conjunction with Physical Therapy or Massage appointments
Wound Care Specialist
Tellington Touch Practitioner
Molecular Enhancer™ Sessions

Shoulder Treatment Specialty

Experienced, skilled one-on-one physical therapy in a quiet home setting.


Bonnie has worked in rehabilitation, home health and out-patient clinic settings in NJ, CA and WA for over 35 years, incorporating her background in Physical Therapy and Massage.  She currently prefers self-employment in a quiet home setting, offering one-on-one treatment, and her ever expanding animal practice here and abroad.

Therapeutic Touch addresses the energy fields that surround and work throughout our bodies, bringing them into balance.  Myofascial Release and Hellerwork are hands-on therapy, working with the body's tissues (skin, fascia, muscles). Newest specialty certifications include orthopedic massage and TMJ joint dysfunction treatment. TMJ issues can contribute to sinusitis, tinnitus, neck pain and headaches.
Newest physical therapy specific equipment is cold laser therapy since December 2010. Laser light application is pain free as it accelerates pain relief, reduces inflammation, provides deep heat to tissues (improving circulation), reduces muscle spasms and speeds healing.

Swiss Ball programs have been developed, by Bonnie, for both orthopedic and neurologic patients providing improvement in aerobic capacity, strength, coordination, flexibility and balance.

Bonnie has used Tellington Touch on both animals and humans since 1994.  She's assisted teaching clinics diversely in the US, as well as Canada, England and Africa.  T-Touch is proven to release pain and fear on a cellular level.  The circular touches, lifts and slides bring a new awareness (mindful touch) to specific parts of the body, thereby sending new messages to the brain in order to effect positive changes, whether physical, mental or emotional.  It allows you to re-educate your body in movement and to restructure habitual movements and postures that are causing pain and imbalance.  

p-ROSHI has been offered in conjunction with Physical Therapy or Massage appointments since January 2006.

Since October 2007, Bonnie has been able to offer Molecular Enhancer sessions. It is a Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMFT) device or Pulsed Energy Therapy (see the end of the article below for links to scientific research on PEMFT).

Some examples of how the Enhancer is a good tool for health:

  • It stimulates the body to replace the energy expended that day by your body, mind and emotions.
  • It promotes and boosts proper and efficient chemical operation within the cells and that increasese the body’s cellular ability to absorb chemical compounds.
  • The body’s abilty to recover faster from surgeries, injuries and illnesses is improved.
  • It dramatically reduces recovery time needed to overcome infections, for example, diabetic ulcers.
  • It helps cycle illness, like colds/flus, cycle faster through the body.
  • It increases ciculation, so you get more oxygen to your system, which enables your body to remove toxins more efficiently.
  • It aids the body, by providing energy, in adapting to changes in its inner and outer environments (i.e., the body, mind and emotions).
  • The Enhancer promotes self-care by motivating you to take the time to stop and do something positive for your health and well-being.
That is just a small sample of what the enhancer has helped with in regards to health issues. Read more about the enhancer below. Contact Bonnie for a free demonstration and trial in the Port Townsend, WA, area.
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One of my many shoulder patients suggested that I put some special information on the website about shoulders. When she “found” me, she had given up on ever having a pain-free functional shoulder ever again after seeking doctor’s advice and previous therapies. She was so thrilled with her progress and success, that she most wants others not to give up hope and to keep searching for the right therapist who can really make a difference.

I love working with shoulders and probably have treated more of them than any other diagnosis in the past 10 years. Most did not have surgery, some even with complete “rotator cuff tears”. Two with complete tears regained full motion and strength and were able to resume all the activities they wanted to do and hadn’t been able to, including chopping wood, diving, swimming, and professional orchestral cello playing – without pain. They amazed the orthopedic surgeons that they had consulted with.

Below are some of my patients' stories:

My Shoulder Story
A Tale of Loss and Restoration

The accident occurred while I was at the sink preparing Easter dinner in 2009. When I started to walk to one side, I caught my foot on something, which caused me to stumble and begin to fall. Instinctively I reached out to catch myself with my right hand and jammed it against the counter with the full force of my body behind it. Ouch! Suddenly there was great pain in my upper arm, and when I stood up and tried to move it, I found that I could not do so! 

Problems with this shoulder were not new, and perhaps my shoulder was already vulnerable to receiving a new injury. I'd been dealing with a strained bicep muscle that had become inflamed when I had carried something too heavy several months earlier. I had had some standard physical therapy for it, but the therapist had given me just some textbook exercises in a disinterested way, and it had not helped. 

This time my injury was more painful and debilitating. It required making many adjustments in my life because I could now not move my right arm. And it required me to give up playing my beloved cello, because I could not move the bow back and forth with my right arm. 

I clearly needed a physical therapist that was better than the one I had had, whose treatment had not helped. Fortunately someone had given me the name of Bonnie Masi, a physical therapist with a specialty in shoulder problems. Bonnie could see me right away, thankfully, and I began a healing journey with her that was to engage my life for nearly a year.

I felt improvement after just one session. Bonnie not only knew what was especially helpful for shoulder problems, but also she excelled in adapting her physical therapy and other healing methods to each individual's particular needs, customizing her treatment to each situation, rather than offering a standardized set of exercises and treatments, as my first physical therapist had done.

Over the weeks I started to improve noticeably, through a combination of the treatments she gave me at her office and the exercises she taught me to perform at home. I could use my arm more and more, my range of motion and my strength were increasing, and my discomfort was decreasing. However, while everything else was improving nicely, I still could not do the motion of the cello bow (moving my arm right and left in front of me) without extreme pain.

And not being able to play the cello had become a painful loss for me. I had been a very active musician with my cello, playing in the orchestra and other ensembles nearly every day. The adjustments in everyday living that my injured arm required because of its pain and immobility were challenging enough. But the loss from having to suspend all my musical activities with my cello was particularly sad and emotionally painful, especially since there was no guarantee that I would ever play the cello again.

By September 2009 it was time to get an MRI to learn what was going on with the two muscles that were not making any progress. The MRI revealed that indeed two muscles had torn off my rotator cuff, the very two muscles that I needed to move the cello bow. 

I was referred to a surgeon to discuss a repair through surgery. He told me that the two muscles that had torn off from my rotator cuff were old and atrophied, so it would be impossible to re-attach them to the rotator cuff in order to make a repair. He pointed out that my other arm muscles had improved greatly and were working quite functionally, so I would be fine as long as I did not try to play the cello. He concluded by predicting that I would never play the cello again and suggesting I take up a different activity.

It was quite a blow to hear that a repair could not be done and that I would never play the cello again. I went for a second opinion. The second surgeon I consulted told me the same thing. The muscle was too old, atrophied, and withdrawn in order to make a repair. He, too, had the opinion that I would never be able to play the cello again and suggested I take up singing instead. He did suggest that I consult with a third surgeon, a shoulder specialist who had just moved to Seattle, who might have some suggestions. 

The third surgeon shoulder specialist agreed that my torn muscle was too damaged and atrophied to repair by surgery. The only thing he could do, he stated, would be to replace my whole shoulder when the arthritis I was bound to develop became bad enough. But, unlike the other two surgeons, he did encourage me to work toward playing the cello again. He encouraged me to continue exercising my arm and to play the cello every day for a few minutes, working to increase the amount of time over the weeks. As he put it, 'You've damaged two of the muscles in your shoulder, but there are eleven others. Get them to work!' 
This encouragement resonated strongly with Bonnie's faith that muscles could be restored through exercise. Surgery was not going to be an option, and the answer was going to have to be exercise and other alternative means. So I redoubled my efforts to continue with the physical therapy and arm exercises at home. And I began to try playing my cello for just a few minutes each day

Also, I decided to add some energy work to my healing program. I took some treatments with a practitioner who offered Reiki, a form of 'hands-on' energy healing. The increased flow of energy into my body helped to enhance the work of the physical therapy and exercise.

Progress on the cello was slow, but little by little I began to see signs of improvement. Over the next few months my ability to move the bow slowly increased. I could play the cello for longer periods of time, first five minutes, then ten, etc. Finally, it was a day of celebration when I could play it for a half hour at a time. At this point I returned to the orchestra, where I continued to build my strength by playing for half hour periods with rests in between. This was in March 2010, nearly a year after the accident that caused the injury.

During the months since then, my arm strength and ability to play the cello have increased steadily each month. By now I am practically back to normal again! I can play steadily during all my rehearsals and performances and just need tiny breaks to rest my arm once in a while. I am jubilant that I am back in the world of playing cello once again! 

So this is my story, and I'm happy to share it. It demonstrates the power of the body to heal through methods that do not involve surgery, the power of exercise and energy work to help build muscle that compensates for a full rotator cuff tear, the power of the mind to hold to the goal of healing and restoration of function (in my case playing the cello again) despite the pessimism of individuals in the medical profession. And it demonstrates the effectiveness of a very special physical therapist, whose faith, wisdom, skill, and encouragement inspired the success of this journey!

With much gratitude,
Diane Vaux

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I found Bonnie while recovering from Shoulder Surgery in October 2010. According to my surgeon I had an 80% tear in my supra spinalis, with accompanying inflammation of the bursa in my shoulder. In real life what that translated to was over a year of not being able to sleep at night, because the pain was intense and woke me often, limited ability to participate in sports of any kind, particularly swimming, which has been an important part of my life, and the inability to engage with my children in just basic fun that required the use of my right arm. I gradually used my painful arm less and less to avoid the pain.

There was no "injury" that I can recall, it just became gradually more and more painful, so out of desperation, after chiropractors, physical therapists, massage, x-rays, MRIs, etc., I agreed to have it surgically repaired.
The rest of the story is retrospective, as now that I am finally beginning to see that I will be ok eventually; I question whether surgery was truly necessary. What I have learned was that it wasn't necessarily the tear that was the problem, but more, my year of guarding it, which in fact rendered my arm nearly useless. Not only was my arm nearly useless it was also excruciatingly painful. Because I have no tolerance to traditional pain medications, relief was nearly impossible, especially after the surgery.

Happily I found Bonnie, who got me onto a road away from Ibuprofen every 4 hours, and who believed steadfastly that I could experience full recovery. She believed this, mind you, not me. After 5 months of seeing Bonnie I have nearly 100% of my range of motion back and a firm belief that I am going to recover fully. This has not been an easy road, but I have followed her instructions and pushed through a lot of pain and self-doubt.

Without Bonnie's unequivocal confidence and knowledge of what my body needed and was capable of, I fear I would have abandoned my recovery long ago. Bonnie's level of awareness of the body mechanics around my injury was unequaled in all of the western medicine avenues I had turned to for relief, before finding her.

I am ever so grateful, every time I wake up in the morning and realize I slept through the night without waking up to pain, every time I hug my children with both arms.

Thank You Bonnie, SINCERELY!!
Kimberly Montgomery
42 years old, mother of three, teacher parenting coach, swimmer.

"I was still suffering from a previous shoulder injury for almost two years when I finally came to Bonnie Masi for help. I couldn't figure out why I was continually re-injuring the shoulder after months of rest and recuperation. Not only did Bonnie help heal my shoulder, but identified that my poor posture was a main factor contributing to the continuing injury. Bonnie gave me an invaluable 'shove' towards better posture while she worked effectively with healing massage and ultrasound. During the sessions, Bonnie also provided self-massage tips and 'trigger points' to release tension that was contributing to my frequent headaches. Bonnie also coordinated her treatment with that of my chiropractor to speed the healing process. After only a few months of treatment I am free of pain, and armed with exercises to strengthen my shoulder and correct my posture further. I can't thank Bonnie enough!" - Mike Pollack



Are there emotional and mental factors in your life that inhibit your success? As you exercise to change activity in the brain, new positive response patterns are created. It’s similar to learning a new language, one of health and well-being.

The pROSHI glasses emit repetitive flashes of light and present a model of the “perfect” awake and aware brain. The complex flicker provides the brain with a “mythical” picture, which is similar to the brain of a Zen monk. In response to these patterns, the brain does its best to clear up internal errors and to duplicate the healthy signal supplied by the pROSHI.

pROSHI is a tool for transformation enhancing optimal whole brain function; by reducing unhealthy patterns we can encourage balance and self-regulation.

The pROSHI and other generations of ROSHI have been highly effective tools for symptoms of:

  ADD/ADHD High Blood Pressure
  Addictions Learning Disabilities
  Anger Management Memory Loss
  Anxiety, Stress, PTSD Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  Autism Relationship Challenges
  Autoimmune Disorders Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)
  Central Nervous System Disorders/Strokes Seizure Disorders
  Chronic Pain, Migraines, Fibromyalgia Sleep Disorders, Restless Leg Syndrome
  Depression Tremors
  Fatigue Veterinary Issues

The pROSHI also known as the "Brain Brightener" was developed and manufactured by Chuck Davis in Los Angeles, California. Chuck drew on his and others knowledge of neurofeedback research and design, including his own ROSHI devices.

Although scientifically based, pROSHI is not approved by the FDA and is considered alternative therapy/medicine. It is not promoted as a cure or a substitute for traditional medicine or your doctor’s advice. Experience has shown us good results with the above conditions and many others.

For more in depth technical information and application, contact Joan Fabian: 360-385-7653, or visit

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The Molecular Enhancer™ does not heal or cure. It helps create the energy the body needs to function properly. It is a companion tool that assists your personal healing program and it is not meant to replace, but support, what you are doing with your current healthcare provider. We do not view the Enhancer as an alternative or a traditional modality, we consider it physics.

Where Did The Enhancer Come From

More than 30 years ago, in 1976, a young scientist named Dan Dial created a resonance device to look at the body's electromagnetic field without using Kirlian photography. That was the start of what we now know as the Molecular Enhancer. Dan had been doing experiments with high frequencies since his younger years. Even as a boy, his reading lists centered around Tesla's original patent applications. So the creation of a pulsed electromagnetic device/ multiwave oscillator (the Molecular Enhancer) seems to have been inevitable! The Molecular Enhancer is manufactured here in Washington State. Dan Dial’s website:

How does the Enhancer work?

The Enhancer works through resonance. Resonance is the natural speed at which any given structure moves. Resonance is about movement and oscillation. All the body's parts must be moving together in order to be in balance. The Enhancer, by creating a resonant condition in the body, creates the potential for harmony in the body's relationship to itself.

This means, when the body is in a resonant state, there is more movement - circulation increases, toxins are removed. When the body has energy, it has a greater potential to create health and balance within itself. The Enhancer does not heal, but through resonance, it stimulates the body to create it's own energy, then heals itself.

A simple way to describe the effect of the Molecular Enhancer is that it is similar to a box of marbles. If gently shaken the marbles will orient themselves in an orderly pattern dictated by their size and shape. This is true of the molecular machinery in the cell; proper spacing and timing are critical for normal operation of the cell. The use of the Molecular Enhancer creates the resonant condition that allows maximum potential to be achieved in the cell and that allows maximum efficiency of cell processes according to the DNA code. The Molecular Enhancer appears to provide the energy necessary to activate and "sync up" the repair sequences in the DNA.

The Molecular Enhancer also assists the body's defenses in recognizing damaged or mutated cells. This occurs because of the individual cell's resonant field energy: the vast majority of the cells in the body are healthy; they have the same genetic structure, and therefore resonate together at the approximate rate.

When the body has enough energy present to operate efficiently any cell that has a different structure (i.e., mutated or damaged DNA) will develop a different charge level. But when there is enough energy present, the body can "see" the faulty cells more easily (because those cells have a different resonant speed) and then can dispose of them through regular body processes. However, friendly organisms that the body recognizes are not affected.

Other energy devices that are geared to destroy the diseased cells directly can cause toxic die-off (Herxheimer action) and shock the body's elimination system. Unlike these devices, the Molecular Enhancer powers the body's immune system, allowing the removal of toxins at the body's own rate. The Molecular is an enhancer and not a replacement to other modalities.

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More Information On How The Molecular Enhancer Works:

Dan Dial's Molecular Enhancer™ falls under the category of Pulsed Electromagnetic Feild Therapy and a multiple-wave oscillator. It saturates the cells of the body with the appropriate resonate energies on which the cells' electro-chemical systems depend (feed) on.

This, in turn, maximizes the chemical processes of the cells, which are brought into balance through mutual resonance, allowing proper repair and operation.

When one uses the Enhancer regularly, it maintains the electrical health of the body on the cellular level by bringing the electrical level in each cell to the same potential, i.e. working in harmony. All chemical processes in the body require energy to take place and the Enhancer feeds the cells' energy need at the molecular level, energetically assisting the cell in its chemical processes.

This is accomplished by setting up a high-energy field in and around the body through multiple-wave resonance.

The Enhancer does not pass current through the body. The transfer of energy is accomplished through induction. All that is used is the oscillating-field voltage and not the current. A person is insulated from the high voltage at either connection by glass. This prevents excess current from getting into the body.

The Enhancer is the vehicle providing the movement in the molecular structure of the cells to their optimum interactive arrangement for normal operations within each cell. And it does this, not by passing current but by providing a resonant state that the bodies cells try and match.

One scientist explains it this way: A normal cell has an electrical potential of 70 millivolts (mV), an aged cell has 50 mV and the cancer or ill cell has 15 mV. When the cell is in electrical difficulty, the mV and sodium-potassium levels are out of balance causing cellular distress.

The high-resonate potential provided by the Enhancer brings all of the cells to an equal level, basically natures way of resetting them to their normal state. This provides the potential for healing to occur at an accelerated pace without stressing the cell.

The additional energy restores cell integrity by reorienting its molecular structure to allow for easier potential movement and interaction. Basically, it bolsters the field of each cell individually, so the cells support each other more easily, thereby helping to create a balanced system.

Read an article about Molecular Enhancer™ Technology
For Additional Articles and reports Check Out The Following Link:

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My first experience using the cellular enhancer was a very interesting one. I have suffered with chronic sinus problems, ear infections, colds and allergies for many years. Each winter I come down with a bad cold resulting in a bronchial infection that lasts at least a month or more. My left ear has been blocked or the middle ear tubes plugged up for years. I was afraid I was losing my hearing on that side due to the chronic infections.

When Bonnie Masi first offered the treatment, I was one of her first clients to try it. Driving home that evening, my left ear popped open while still in my car. I could hear clearly again on that side. My left middle ear tubes would at first alternate open, then closed, but now they remain open and hearing is good again.

In general, the whole body has a different feel after the cellular enhancer treatment. The relaxation is profound, the sleep is very deep and sound after 30-45 minutes of treatment time.
Bonnie, I thank you for providing this new addition to your Health Harmony treatments!

Carole Yates
Port Townsend, Washington


My experience with the enhancer spanned over a period of about four months. I used it approximately 10-12 times. Forgetting that I have used it, I go about my day feeling full, complete and ready to face whatever the day has in store for me. More times than not people come up to me and say, "your energy is amazing and you look so radiant" -----mmmmm is it the enhancer? I do think so. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to have experienced it and I do believe it was extemely helpful in healing a neck and shoulder injury. Thank you Bonnie!

Lin Wayan

Port Townsend WA

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